Our history

45 years ago, L. Melkonian was born out of a desire to serve people looking for insurance coverage using a human touch and an approach focused on the client. A few decades later, BF Assurances joined the insurance marketplace and brought a dynamic approach and innovation to its clients. In 2019, in a desire to build on their respective foundations, BF Assurances and L. Melkonian joined forces to create LMBF, a firm guided by the continuous values of trust, respect and innovation in the insurance marketplace. The success of LMBF and the continued trust of its clients draw the firm’s strength in insurance products, prevention solutions and advice that stands out from the competition. We focus on constant innovation and our client-centric approach. This continuous growth is rooted in the expertise of our independent brokers and the precious trust of our clients to obtain the best possible coverage and at the best possible rate.

As an employer

We are focused on building a truly inclusive workplace. Our people are our most important asset because we know that a skilled staff ensures our clients are happy and satisfied. Therefore, we have created an environment where creativity, inclusion and innovation have a real impact. LMBF is among the top 30 brokers in Quebec and we strive to be an employer of choice for our employees. Since the beginning, our team has always relied on individuals with a great sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, who endure the continuous search for knowledge and solutions and, have promoted teamwork spirit to ensure the progress of the business and our clients’ satisfaction.

Core values

Our core values set the foundation that drives every decision we make and influences how we treat our clients. This is our mission by which we live and serve our clients.


We love placing honesty as the foundation of our business and we adhere to highest ethical standards. From there, strong moral judgment and loyalty build out the rest of our business purpose.

Our commitment toward clients

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients to find the insurance solutions they need. We strongly believe that success is the result of the attention to detail we provide each of our clients.


We have a flair for entrepreneurship and a desire to take calculated risks. This provide us with a unique link built on determination and a competitive spirit to the advantage of our clients.